“Tap into your intuition, uncover intimacy with your soul by  embodying  your SOUL CODES so you can create your most magical life .



Are you a wondering pioneer?

Are you fed up and tired of fitting in? 

Explaining and apologizing for your way of BEing, for your creative ideas, and for the way you function? 

I see             Y-O-U

I hear           Y-O-U

I stand for   Y-O-U

Tap into Your Own Universe

I have struggled with this all my life up until the day I understood that every puzzle is in its place and I am on my path.

I was meant to be like this because I picked this life with all its challenges, situations, characters.

As soon as I got clarity on my life, all the pieces started to make sense, I finally embodied my soul and began to SHINE.

Dating Yourself <3 Belonging to Yourself

What  is your  heart’s deepest desire?

How do you want to feel ? 

Claim your  SOUL CODES and activate your superpower

Get your life moving …. 

Get your blueprint!


“You wander from room to room, searching for the diamond necklace<
that is already around your neck”. – Rumi

Hi I am Ildiko, intuitive coach.

I have been asking questions and seeking answers all my life, on the outside.

Traveled the world hoping to find happiness, success, and love.

Lived in 8 different countries, mostly as a single woman, and I accepted the challenges of life. 

I got rejected in my mother’s womb, and again when I was born a  girl. As an adult I took off before anything got too intimate, always looking  for the next  adventure. 

Due to my inner work I discovered many of my patterns by investing time, energy and money.  

Still digging deeper I found more answers and I want to share that with you. 

The most important relationship we have is the one with ourselves. 

In the last 20 years I have  mastered methods, techniques, and therapies that can bring you closer to your true self.  

 By embodying  your soul codes, you will unfold what your life is all about and will have  a roadmap that can guide you for the rest of your life.

Currently I live in the jungle of Panama close to nature and wildlife, love the freshly picked fruits and vegetables, walking barefoot and  using a small boat  to get to  civilization . Life’s a journey!  Life is FUN! Let’s travel together!


Celebrate  what you own


Follow your intuition


There are no mistakes


Build up faith


Lead with  love


Be present


Make decisions followed by action steps


 Speak your truth


 Forgive yourself and others  


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Slide 1 - Sarah

Amazing coaching, spot on and right to the head and heart. I am able to understand my life situations much better, I know what I need to work on to achieve the best life. Thanks.

Slide 2 - Bunny

The reading I got from Ildiko was incredibly accurate. She opened up with something I’ve held bead to my heart my entire life. This, in my opinion, gave her credibility in her reading. I’ve only told a few very close people in my life that secret and she knew it right away. She shared some beautiful details about me that I had always wondered about and she confirmed. She gave me the replay which I greatly appreciated. She’s very kind and passionate about what she does. I will be seeking more confirmation readings from her in the future as I’m also intuitive, I find it nice to have the support.

Testimonial 3 - Dawnese

"I wasn't sure what to expect when I had my first session with Ildiko and what she created was such a beautiful experience for me form start to finish. When we were complete I felt like I had seen into my soul and saw such strength and grace. It was absolutely magical!"

Slide 4 - Kelly

"I was very lucky to enjoy a reading by Ildiko two weeks ago. She spent some time studying my numbers, and then shared so many unbelievably accurate insights about the path I'm on and the opportunities out there for me to realize the full, happy life I seek - warm at every turn with love and connection. I was surprised Ildiko's guidance to focus inward after a life-to-date doing and achieving. She was also firm with guidance to break the human doing cycle and to enjoy human BEing for more connection and joy with myself, which can and will extend to my relationships. Thank you, Ildiko, for the time, energy and care you so generously created for me. And I highly recommend Ildiko's support and coaching to anyone curious about energy and insight-based development!"

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